Accurately classify
*any*job title.

Our machine-learning API sorts job titles into two categories: (sales, finance, I.T...) and (executive, management, assistant...) so you can prioritize the ones you're interested in.

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The best segmentation
in marketing

Classifying job titles is hard because humans write them.
Marketers usually build complex filters and formulas on their list but it's hard to maintain, and results are mediocre at best.
AI and Machine Learning can do it better, and it's easier too.
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Use in spreadsheets...

Use IMPORTDATA() to categorize your jobtitles in a snap
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...or in Hubspot

With our extension, you're one click away from qualifying your whole CRM
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Upload a CSV file with a job title column
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Because we don't rely on a list of jobtitles, we understand what they mean in multiple languages

We support French and English, many more coming soon

GDPR Compliant

We don't collect any data, except for the jobtitle.

From the API, spreadsheet or hubspot, data is completely anonymised

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Looks magic ?
It's science !

Because machine learning is based on… you guessed it.. learning, our model continuously discovers new job titles and corrects itself to provide ever-improving results.

With JobtitlesAI, we take care of the hard problems for you:

Multi-lingual, plurals, genres, context-aware semantic meaning

Read the preliminary research